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Two recommended plague apocalyse books

Yes, we’re buried in Covid news, most of it bad, and too much of it documenting how pathetic has been the national response. However . . . to rain a little more on our collective parade, it could be a LOT worse. The mortality rate seems under 1%, but what if we get a disease with a rate at 5% or more? It wouldn’t have to be the 90% of most plague apocalyptic books to bring down the economy and the country. At 5%, we would survive as a country, although with dramatic changes. At 30%...who knows?

Two recent books give outstandingly plausible, and disturbing overviews of what could happen with a more serious disease. One of the books is “The End of October” by Lawrence Wright. It’s a New York Times best seller. The other book is “DRYP: The Final Pandemic” by R.A. Scheuring – only on Kindle with Amazon. DRYP is at least as good as the bestseller and gives the most authentic overview of medical/scientific issues I’ve seen in such books. Both are highly recommended for a better understanding of what we might face if we’re not better prepared, but don’t expect happy endings.


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