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The Pink Flamingo

The latest book released is The Pink Flamingo. It’s a mystery/action/coming-of-age/character-driven story. As you might surmise from that list of slashed descriptions, I’m not sure it fits easily into the standard genres, which was also a problem with the Destiny’s Crucible series. In both cases, the development of the main character is a central theme (who they are and how they change with experiences).

An obvious question is why did I write The Pink Flamingo? When I first starting writing books, I began about six different stories—Cast Under an Alien Sun was one of those. As time passed, I got more interested in some stories than others. Although science fiction was my main interest, I was tired of mystery/detective/thriller books, movies, TV series where the main character seemed to be required to be alcoholic, drug addicted, obnoxious, anti-social, promiscuous, or some other flaws that made be ask “Why would anyone want to know this person,” or “Why do other characters tolerant the main character?” I wasn’t convinced the main character couldn’t be someone interesting that people had genuine reasons for liking.

I know . . . there are probably many stories that already counter my complaint, but maybe it was just the one’s I was exposed to at the time. Anyway . . . that was the initial impetus for The Pink Flamingo. The first draft was finished four years ago and professional editing completed later, but the manuscript just sat while I worked on Destiny’s Crucible. It may well have sat forever if I hadn’t broken my hip. While it’s been hard finding the level of concentration for new writing and major revisions for new books, The Pink Flamingo really only needed time and low-level attention to do the myriad of small things needed to get it up on Amazon.

Another obvious question is “Why the different pseudonym?” Advice from many sources, including several big-name authors, is to use different names if you’re writing in different genres. My first impulse was to stick to one name, but the overwhelming opinion of professional writers and publishers is contrary to my impulse. I finally gave in to the advice, and The Pink Flamingo is published under the author name Kelsey Robicheaux. I toyed with Kelsey Thorensen, but settled on a completely different name. How I came up with KR is another story.

I realize you’re mainly science fiction fans, but The Pink Flamingo is on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a member, so it’s free if you decide to give it a try. Otherwise, it’s $2.99. It may well be outside your interest range, but maybe you know someone to suggest they look at the Amazon description.

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