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June16, 2020

Well, obviously this has not been a regular thing for me, but let's see if I can fix that. What's happening today? Well, I can't leave my work room because our two new kittens are sleeping on the bed I use for naps. I have a thing about being woken for no good reason.

Drizzling all day so far, which gives a good excuse for not working in the garden. I always plant a big one - mainly things you can't get as good in the stores: tomatoes, okra, chard, green beans, scallop squash, asparagus, beets. Planted a REALLY big garden this year since not traveling due to Covid. Plan on donating what is hoped to be a great excess to food banks.

Rain has forced me to work inside all day. So far, 2000 words on book 7 of Destiny's Crucible series and 1000 words on a novella that will first go out to mail list members.

Started fiddling with the web page. Have resisted spending time away from writing to improve the page, but will give it a shot.


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