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Fall on the way

Yes, the first trees are turning where we are. Short sumacs are almost totally red. Saw one full-sized tree in nearby town a brilliant orange, other trees just starting. The last green beans in the garden will be picked by next week - thank goodness! As eager as I am for gardening in the spring, I'm always glad it's over by this time of year.

Couldn't bring myself to watch more than a few minutes of the disgusting debate Tuesday night. Will be glad when the election is over.

Submitted a book review to a local newspaper. "The End of October" is in the pandemic genre and made it to the New York Times best-seller list. The author's research on the science part was good. I liked the story, especially a realistic description of how a serious pandemic might development. An even better description of the science is in a book so far flying under major media reviewers. R.A. Scheuring is a medical doctor and researcher, and it shows in the details of "DRYP: The Final Pandemic." Both are recommended. However, both are warnings about the potential for a much more serious pandemic than COVID-19 (as bad as it is).


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