Books 1-5

Abulli, Omir. Buldorian mercenary from different clan than the Adalans.

Adalan, Adel. Buldorian mercenary. Second-in-command to cousin Musfar Adalan.

Adalan, Musfar. Commander of Buldorian mercenaries.

Adris, Klyngo. Hetman of the Adris Clan

Akuyun, Okan. Commander of Narthani mission to conquer Caedellium.

Akuyun, Rabia. Wife of Okan.

Avan, Kamil. Narthani general; Gullar’s second-in-command

Bakalacs, Feren. Hetman of the Farkesh Clan

Balcan, Mamduk. Narthani religious prelate

Bevans, Zitwyn. Hetman of the Bevans Clan

Beynom, Cadwulf. Mathematics scholastic. Son of Diera and Sistian. Friend and employee of Yozef.

Beynom, Diera. A medicant. Abbess of St. Sidryn’s abbey. Wife of Sistian.

Beynom, Sistian. A theophist. Abbot of St. Sidryn’s abbey. Husband of Diera.

Bolwyn, Elton. A medicant at St. Sidryn’s abbey

Brell, Owill. Keelander head of the Military Intelligence Unit

Brison, Rhaedri. Most respected theophist on Caedellium

Bultecki, Teresz. Hetman of Bultecki Clan.

Dimir, Ekram. Narthani admiral

Drifwich, Gethin (a.k.a. Eluk Sargol). Nyvaks clansman spying for the Narthani

Dyllis, Saoul. A medicant at St. Sidryn’s abbey.

Elsworth, Abelard. Abbot of St. Xyllos abbey; temporary Moreland Clan leader

Erdelin, Memas. Narthani colonel.

Eywell, Biltin. Son of Brandor Eywell.

Eywell, Brandor. Hetman of Eywell Clan.

Faughns, Brak and Elian. Elderly home staff couple of Yozef.

Fitham, Petros. Elderly theophist at St. Sidryn’s abbey.

Fuller, Filtin. Skilled worker and friend to Yozef

Gaya, Rhanjur. Landolin diplomat

Gullar, Dursun. Narthani Marshal, commander of the Twenty-Ninth Corps

Gwillamer, Cadoc. Hetman of Gwillamer Clan.

Harlie. Name given by Yozef to alien artificial intelligence created to interact with Yozef.

Havant, Esyl (a.k.a. Istem Sokulu). Narthani spy

Hewell, Lordum. Hetman of Hewell Clan.

Hizer, Sadek. Narthani Assessor reporting direct to Narthani High Command.

Jurna, Jomzik. Narthani colonel taking Erdelin’s place

Kalcan, Morfred. Narthani naval commander

Kales, Wyfor. Abersford citizen. Tutor to Yozef for blade fighting and occasional bodyguard.

Keelan, Anid. 3rd daughter of Culich and Breda.

Keelan, Breda. Wife of Culich. Mother of Maera.

Keelan, Ceinwyn. 2nd daughter of Culich and Breda.

Keelan, Culich. Hetman of Clan Keelan. Father of Maera.

Keelan, Maera. Eldest daughter of Culich and Breda.

Keelan, Mared. Youngest daughter of Culich and Breda

Kennrick, Pedr. Adviser to Hetman Culich Keelan

Ketin, Erkan. Narthani colonel

Kivalian, Reimo. Fuomi marine commander

Kolsko, Yozef (a.k.a. Joseph Colsco). California chemistry graduate student who boards an ill-fated flight to a conference and meets an unimagined future

Kyllo, Vilho. Fuomi navy commodore

Langor, Roblyn. Hetman of the Selfcell clan

Linton (Merton), Bronwyn. Owner of a farm near Abersford; mother of Aragorn, Yozef’s son

Luwis, Mulron. Son of Vortig Luwis. Commander Caernford garrison.

Luwis, Vortig. Advisor to Hetman Culich Keelan.

Metan, Nuthrat. Narthani colonel

Miron, Yonkel. Abersford boy who first discovers Yozef lying on the beach.

Mittack, Hulwyn. Hetman of Mittack Clan.

Moreland, Anarynd (a.k.a. Ana). Friend of Maera Keelan, related to the Moreland Clan hetman.

Moreland, Brym. Father of Anarynd. Cousin to Moreland hetman.

Moreland, Gynfor. Hetman of Moreland Clan.

Orosz, Tomis. Hetman of Orosz Clan.

Preddi, Balwis. Escaped Preddi clansman who takes the Preddi name; guard for Yozef

Puvey, Carnigan. Physically imposing guard and friend of Yozef

Reese, Braithe. Wet nurse to Aeneas. Wife of Gowlin

Reese, Gowlin. Guard to Kolsko family. Husband of Braithe

Rintala, Jaako. Commander of the Fuomi mission to Caedellium

Saisannin, Eina. Fuomi diplomat and adviser to Rintala

Stent, Welman. Hetman of Stent Clan.

Swavebroke, Harmon. Hetman of the Swavebroke Clan

Tuzere, Nizam. Narthani civilian administrator

Vega, Denes. Magistrate and sheriff-equivalent in Abersford; a senior commander of fighting forces

Vortig, Luwis. Advisor to Hetman Culich Keelan.

Vorwich, Longnor. Keelan Clan boyerman (district chief) of Abersford and St. Sidryn’s area.

Walstyn, Gwyned. Ex-Narthani slave, friend of Anarynd.

Watchers. Name given by Yozef to aliens whose spaceship destroyed Yozef’s flight to Chicago.

Zulfa, Aivacs. Commander of Narthani troops on Caedellium.


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