Olan Thorensen is a pen name for a writer of science fiction/alternative history/post-apocalyptic novels - at least I hope to get to all these.  Several books are in various stages from a complete draft to a third of the first draft - all waiting for Destiny's Crucible to finish.


Olan lives in the Blue Ridge area of Virginia, plays piano badly, struggles to keep his weight down, loves fireflies and thunderstorms, jogs (though a cynical observer would note it's not faster than a quick walk), thinks tomatoes are a basic food group, thinks all colors go together (clash? what clash?), and is skeptical about identifying too strongly with either Democrats or Republicans.


Many years ago I served in US Special Forces (Vietnam: SOG unit), then went to college for a BA in Zoology and Phd in Genetics. I'm author/co-author of about 200 papers on genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics, and am a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Retired now and taking advantage of the time to try writing books. The writing is engaging, but the nitty details of getting books out seem endless. Nevertheless, I'm persistent in this learning process.

Writing and publishing has two parts: one is the books themselves, but the other is readers. Without the latter there's no reason for the effort for the former. So, I'm always glad to hear from those who've enjoyed the books.


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